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BTCS You Belong Here Family Selfie
BTCS You Belong Here Family Selfie
Church Postcard
5,000 for $610
BTCS You Belong Here Family Selfie
BTCS You Belong Here Family Selfie
Church Postcard
5,000 for $760
Spanish Place for You
Spanish Place for You
Church Postcard
5,000 for $610
Spring Invited - AFA
Spring Invited - AFA
Church Postcard
5,000 for $610

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Church Direct Mail Services & Postcards

More than a decade of experience tells me that direct mail is the most personal and least expensive way to communicate our message to our community. New Song uses Outreach’s Direct Mail services 3-4 times a year. The first postcard alerts a household to our existence. Some will respond to it. The real power comes in mailing to the same household multiple times. Honestly, the most fun comes when a person attends and says, I got your postcard five or six years ago and finally decided to show up. –NEW SONG CHURCH, OCEANSIDE, CA I would highly recommend Outreach’s Full Service Program. Their friendly church consultants helped me target families with younger children in my area for a children’s event. Once the design and targeting was complete I was at ease knowing Outreach would take care of the rest. We had great results and will be doing another mailing for Christmas! –OAK HILLS CHURCH, VISTA, CA

Complete Turn Key Solution

Let Outreach make direct mail easy for your church with a Full Service Mailing - Outreach will design, print, address, add postage and provide Direct to Post Office service for your church!

It's Easy, Fast and Saves Your Church Money! Our account specialists are here to help you.


With Outreach Mailing services, your Church Postcards are addressed, sorted and bundled according to the post office standards. If you choose to have them delivered to your church, the cards will arrive with completed paperwork, ready for you to simply drop-off at your local post office with the indicated postage. If you have chosen the Direct to Post Office method, we will deliver them to the post office for you - saving you time and money!

NOTE: Demographic reports and door direct mail only available in the USA.

We do everything under one roof so you can get big results by using Outreach postcard custom mailers. Here's how it works:

  1. You pick the design you want or supply your own artwork.
  2. Choose “customize online” or “customize for me” design service and make the postcard unique to your church by providing the information you want printed on your postcard including: Church name, address, phone, website, service times, etc.
  3. Approve your proofs.
  4. Talk with our Outreach Specialist who will provide you with a targeted demographic report of neighborhoods near your church.
  5. Your postcards are printed in full color on both sides.
  6. Our mail house sorts and delivers them through the USPS.

Order With Confidence!

Get Your Lowest Price on Direct Mail Postcards

Reach more people for less money with Outreach's guaranteed lowest direct mail prices!

Low Price Guarantee: We will meet or beat any written competitive price quote (available to anyone) for a customized full-color 5.5” x 8.5” or 5.5” x 11” postcard in quantities of 5,000 or more*.

Guaranteed Services: Our guarantee covers the lowest prices on the design, artwork, printing, list services, addressing, and direct to post office delivery of the specified postcard sizes.

Shipping/Timing Note: Outreach strives for timely delivery of your mailings. However, once shipped, UPS/FedEx or USPS delivery times are beyond our control. Estimated in-home date ranges for Ship to Post Office deliveries include 1-2 days for local processing. The Post Office may deliver postcards earlier, and we cannot guarantee a later delivery date.

*Not valid on quotes for postcard printing only or when combined with other discounts. Price matching must be for bids with matching specifications.

Bigger Savings on Postage

Your list costs and postage are significantly lower because you are not over-targeting your area. With our Full Service Option you can save even more on your postage with the included Direct-to-Post-Office service. Mail your church postcards at the lowest non-profit price with non-profit authorization!

By using complete carrier routes and "saturating" your community with postcard invitations, you will pay less in postage, only 11.4 cents! This postal rate is dependent on having a non-profit postal authorization from the post office - Outreach will help you apply for this authorization if you don't have it—FREE! (Please allow extra time for this application process) You do not need to purchase a bulk mail permit to get the low saturation postal rate.

Mail your postcard at the lowest non-profit price with non-profit authorization!

Free Demographic Data Analysis

Get a FREE Demographic Reportfor the area around your church - it provides you with demographic information about the neighborhoods around your chosen address. With these demographic reports you can target the neighborhoods and routes more likely to respond to your church mailing. By narrowing the focus of your mailing, you can decrease your costs while improving your response rates.

Outreach can help deliver your church direct mail postcards to the right people, in the most optimal way — ensuring you get the best results and are a good steward of your church's resources.

Why Churches Trust Outreach

Did you know that 73% of people who don't attend church were never invited? Now you have the opportunity to reach hundreds of people in your area who have never been invited to church or who have never heard the gospel message. You can invite every home in your community to your next outreach event, Sunday service, or Sermon Series.

Direct mail is still the most cost effective way to reach every home in your community. Guaranteed Lowest Price and On-Time Shipping! We will meet or beat any written competitive price quote (available to anyone) for the design, photography, printing, list services, addressing and direct to post office delivery on a customized full-color 5.5" x 8.5" or 5.5" x 11" postcard in quantities of 5,000 or more.

And because we know that having your invitations arrive in mailboxes before your event is crucial we also guarantee on-time shipping*. If any Outreach mailing does not reach the majority of homes before your event, because the shipment leaves our Outreach warehouse after our promised ship date, Outreach will pay for the design, printing, and addressing of a future mailing for the quantity that was late**. See full details

So for your mailings, if you want the lowest price and fast service, order from Outreach!

Let Outreach help you reach more people with a church direct mail postcard invitation. With Outreach you get:

  • Great Quality: cards printed on 100 lb stock
  • Full-Color Postcards
  • Free Customization Online
  • Fast Turn-Around Times
  • Guaranteed Lowest Price
  • 200 Free Postcards on Full-Service Orders over 5,000

3 Reasons Why Churches Should Use Outreach Direct Mail Services

  1. Targeted Outreach with Demographic Insights
    Outreach’s church direct mail services offer precise demographic reports to help churches target their mailings effectively. By focusing on specific neighborhoods and demographics, churches can ensure their messages reach the most responsive audiences, maximizing the impact of their outreach efforts.

  2. Cost-Effective Mailing Solutions
    With Outreach, churches benefit from competitive postage rates and a full-service mailing option that includes design, printing, and direct-to-post-office delivery. This comprehensive service reduces the overall cost and logistical burden on the church, allowing them to allocate resources more efficiently.

  3. Customizable and Eye-Catching Designs
    Church direct mail services from Outreach provide a range of customizable postcard designs that capture attention and convey messages clearly. These visually appealing postcards are designed to stand out in mailboxes, ensuring that the church's invitations and announcements are noticed and remembered by recipients.

Ten Reasons Why To Go with Direct Mail

Need a cost-effective way to reach your community? How do you choose the best tool when there's so much available? You might be surprised to know that a simple direct mail piece can out-perform TV, radio, newspaper, web, and e-mail advertising. Direct mail gets your church message into the hands of people who are the most likely to respond to your invitation.

Want proof? Here are ten reasons why direct mail is a powerful, cost-effective outreach tool.

High Saturation Postcard Mailing

1. High Saturation

Not everyone browses the same websites or looks at the same social media channels. Not everyone watches TV or listens to the radio. But everyone gets mail. Physical mail has what marketers call a "near 100% saturation rate," meaning that there are very few people who never get a letter, bill, flyer, or catalog—mail reaches everyone.

Direct Mail means Less Competition

2. Less Competition

How many ads do you see and hear every day? It's estimated that the average person is bombarded with over 4,000 advertising messages every single day. That's a lot of information to process. Compare that to the number of items you receive in your mail box. Five, maybe 10 pieces max? Less competition means a higher rate of return on your message.

Maximum Impact Postcards with Design and Message

3. Maximum Impact with Design and Messages

Direct mail postcards capture people's attention in two ways: first with an eye-catching design that makes it stand out in the mail box, and then second with a customized message that gets straight to the point and is easy to read and understand. Combined, the design and message deliver a powerful connection with the recipient.

Customized Messages on your Postcard Invite

4. Customized Messages

You are in control—from the content to the call to action. With direct mail, you can craft a specific message promoting all your Holy Week events or just your Easter Sunday services. Plus you can also include your logo, invitation, contact information, address and even pictures. It's yours to choose.

Well-Defined Audience

5. Well-Defined Audience

Direct mail allows you to target a very specific audience in a very specific location. People who live closer to your church are more likely to come and with direct mail you can target neighborhoods closer to your building. Social media and web advertising doesn't reach every person who lives close to your church and doesn't provide the close geographic touch you need.

Postcard Invitation means Longer Shelf Life

6. Longer Shelf Life

Many of today's media messages are disposable. You hear or see them once, and then they're gone. Direct mail has a tendency to stick around—especially when coupled with an eye-catching design and encouraging messages. Include your website and service times, and your card may end up occupying a prominent place on the family bulletin board!

Postcards are a Multipurpose Medium

7. A Multipurpose Medium

Make your mail do double duty! Include a promotional offer with your direct mail message and you will see even better results. In addition to an invitation to church, invite people to bring in their postcard and exchange it for a free gift book.

Church Direct Mail Services have Trackable Results

8. Trackable Results

When you use direct mail, you know exactly how many people receive the message, the cost per piece, and the neighborhoods that are targeted. When combined with a free offer or coupon, you're also likely to see results in-person when people bring their piece to claim their gift.

Postcards Pairs Well With Other Tools

9. Pairs Well With Other Tools

Direct mail is a great way to introduce yourself to your neighbors and get them to visit. When you send postcards AND pair them with a coordinated outdoor banner, you attract people to your church and help them know they have found the right location. Then if you add a matching bulletin shell or indoor banners, it welcomes and continues to reinforce your messaging.

Church Direct Mail Service is Wise Stewardship

10. Wise Stewardship

Direct mail costs significantly less than other forms of advertising. Direct mail lets you choose a specific audience, target a specific number of recipients, and guarantees that your message gets in their hands. You have full control over your budget and can scale your mailing accordingly. Direct mail is highly cost effective and is a great way to stretch your outreach dollars.

Does Direct Mail Still Work In A Digital World?

FREE Webinar - Does Direct Mail Still Work In A Digital World?

You may be missing out on a proven strategy for growth in your church. Join Tim Speweik, Director of Ministry Development at Outreach, Inc. and Ryan Wakefield, Managing Director of Social Church, as they show you how to harness the power of direct mail to grow your church.

  • The facts behind this evergreen marketing strategy
  • Time-tested ways to overcome challenges
  • Design tips from industry experts
  • ...and more.

In a world full of email and social media posts, printed invitations stand out in the clutter. People respond to invitations, and door hangers; direct mail postcards are still one of the most cost-effective ways to reach every home in your community with an invitation to church. Custom church postcards from Outreach feature full-color, compelling graphics with an invitational message on the front and a customized reverse side that features your logo, map, invitational message and event information.

Church Postcards come in two sizes: 5.5” x 8.5” and 5.5” x 11”, with Every Door Direct Mailing (EDDM) sizes also available. Each design can be customized just for your church—use our easy online editor or let one of our professional graphic designers do it to your specifications. Upload your church’s artwork using our user-friendly platform. Whether you personalize your postcard with our editor or have our designers do it, uploading your design is straightforward and hassle-free.

Using Direct Mail to Reach Your Community

Want to get your church’s message out to your community? Take a look in your mailbox. According to professional marketers, direct mail is the most cost effective way to send your message to a specific target audience. Here are the three keys behind a successful direct mail campaign.

Right Vehicle - Make your direct mail piece stand out in the mailbox. Among the letters, bills and traditional-sized envelopes, a direct mail piece that is brightly colored and oddly sized will catch attention. A direct mail piece that is self-contained (such as a postcard) also catches the eye because the message is directly in view and not hidden inside an envelope. Many people will read their postcard on the way back from the mailbox. Any of our professionally designed, oversized postcards are an excellent example of an effective direct mail piece.

Right Design - While bright colors and an odd shape draw attention, the most effective direct mail pieces also contain some sort of a graphic “hook” on the front that causes the recipient to want to learn more. A well-targeted message and design will use this “hook” to connect with the audience’s felt needs, and thus, increase readability.

Right Audience - Unlike television, radio or internet advertising, direct mail allows you to reach only those people most likely to respond to your message. This increases your response rate and decreases the cost. Our OnTarget mailing services make reaching the right audience even easier.

A strong direct mail piece may be the perfect tool to get your church’s message to the community.

How do I order an EDDM Mailing from Outreach?

Outreach offers EDDM postcards using an extra large postcard, 11" x 5.5", giving you 30% more space for your message. This x-large postcard is more likely to stand out in the mailbox and get noticed by your recipient, too. Outreach makes it easy to order and customize a, EDDM postcard - we offer more than 200 designs that you can customize to fit your church or you can provide your own professional design.

To order an Outreach postcard for EDDM, follow these steps:

  • Choose the 11" x 5.5" postcard design you want
  • Select your customization method - use the Customize Online option to edit the postcard online yourself, or choose the Customize For Me tab to let an Outreach designer customize the postcard for you - a small design fee will apply.
  • Enter the quantity you want to order.
  • In the "Addressing choice" drop down menu choose "EDDM" and then finish your order - the EDDM-compliant postcards will ship to you. You will need to bundle in 50's, put facing slips on the bundles and deliver to the post office.

Interested in having Outreach do the mailing work for you? Choose EDDM+

Not only can Outreach print your postcards but we can also mail them to the carrier routes you choose. With Outreach's EDDM+ service you don't have to do the bundling, add facing slips, or deliver the cards to the post office. Yet there is still no need for you to acquire a bulk mail permit - just follow these steps:

  • Go to the page and select a postcard from over 600 designs.
  • Some postcards are available in both 8.5" x 5.5" and 11" x 5.5" sizes - choose the size you want to mail.
  • Select your customization method - use the Customize Online option to edit the postcard online yourself, or choose the Customize For Me tab to let an Outreach designer customize the postcard for you - a small design fee will apply.
  • Enter the quantity you want to order.
  • In the "Addressing choice" drop down menu choose "Saturation".
  • Enter how many of the postcards you want mailed - you can choose to have extras printed to use as hand-outs.
  • Enter the postage classification. (If you do not have a free non-profit mailing authorization number from the post office, you can indicate you want one and Outreach will help you apply for the free permit.)
  • Enter your zip code and select the date for your postcards to arrive in local mailboxes.
  • Just finish your order and check out. An Outreach mailing specialist will contact you to establish the carrier routes you want your mailing to go to, answer any questions, and watch over your mailing as it is printed and sent to the post office for delivery to the homes you selected.