Love Never Fails: Easter Sunday

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This one-day event kit provides churches with a sermon, videos and other resources for planning a one-day Easter service for in-person or online audiences!

Jesus’ followers were devastated because of his death on the cross. It seemed the love of God had failed them and life was not what they had expected. It was not until it became clear that Jesus had risen from the grave that hope was restored. This Easter, bring the Hope and Love of Easter to your church and community and share how even in the darkest times, God’s love is still there- it never fails!

The Download Event Kit Includes:
  • Sermon
  • Trailer Video
  • Countdown Video
  • Intro Video
  • Bumper Video
  • Social media and web graphics
  • Sermon Slide Templates

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The Love Never Fails Easter Sunday church kit includes all the videos that you need! Videos are a memorable way to get the people in your church excited about your Easter sermon and a great way to attract visitors from social media and your website. From inviting people to making them feel welcome, all the videos in this kit are designed to engage and create a cohesive experience.

Love Never Fails Countdown Timer (Preview)

Love Never Fails Sermon Bumper (Preview)

Love Never Fails Intro Video (Preview)

Love Never Fails Sermon Series Trailer (Preview)

Beautiful Design on The Big Screen

Sermon Series Slides! Want to have beautifully designed content to pair with sermon but don’t want to spend hours creating PowerPoint slides? We have got you covered with engaging background templates available in 3 colors.

Use Social Media to Create Excitement

Social media is a great tool to create excitement and build engagement, but it can be hard to know where to start. It doesn’t have to be! With all the social media graphics in the Love Never Fails Kit, you do not need to stress about what to post to get the people in your community excited about Easter.

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